omg guys so I know i’ve been trying not to dump all my college shit on this blog after that first week but I have to say something about last night…

So after 2 weekends in I decided to go out last night, and for the first time I had a lot of fun. First we went to some guys room, there were literally like 60 people in a room meant for 4 with a capacity of 10 lol. Met a nice guy and I feel bad because I do think he was really into me and I feel like I might have been leading him on but we spent most of the party just talking watching the people playing beer pong and just hanging and then dont stop believing came on and we all started singing and it was a really fun time.

Then we got kicked out haha and so we were just wandering hanging out with a couple different guys and such outside and just kind of walking around. Then we ended up att the place where the dance was gonna be execpt it was only like 11:30 and the dance didnt really start til like 12/12:30. so we sat and ate and talked then it came time and we went onto the dance floor. I was completely sober and I had enjoyed the night so far but I just could do grinding sober lol. but yeah i stuck with my friends to keep and eye out for them for like 10 min and then we left cuz they had to go to the bathroom and when they came back I kinda just hung out outside the dance floor and texted my roommate (who had taken a guy back to our room) to see if I was good to go back.

But It wasnt so I was chilling there and then I saw the guy Ive been hanging out with who i like and he came over and said hi but he was completelyyy drunk lol but we talked and he pulled me onto the dance floor to find his friends and then idk it was all just a blur but we ended back out of the dance room talking again and finally some of his friends were going to hang out with the rest of the xcountry team so I let him go off there and went to go walk my friend back to her dorm cuz she seemed really out of it. 

And I got back to my dorm and had to sit in the common room again because my roommate was still with that guy and then my friend came by again and sat down next to me and we just chilled again and talked about who knows what and then finally my roommate walked by with her boy and we got up and went to our rooms and I get back and go to wash my face and stuff and get back to my room and he had texted me "youre really pretty" and normally that would have made me feel really good but he has a girl friend and was so damn drunk and I just didnt know what to do so I just said"thanks haha you should get some sleep" and then he texts me back "if i were single i would totes date you. yeah Im really tired" 

And I just like fuckkkk my lifeeeeee. So i just said like goodnight ill see you tomrrow but I just did not know what to do. Like he was so drunk and has a girlfriend at a different school and I really didnt want anything like this to happen so the whole night I was trying to be very casual about it all and what not and i dont really know what to do the next time i see him… gahhhhh lifeeeee. boysssssss. dammnnitttt.

So yeah fun night… but just a big cray cray

Hey Guys!

So I decided to enter the Dover photo contest this year! And it would mean the world if you guys could vote for me :)

I entered 6 photos, kinda just to get a feel for it and such but yeah, I’m going to put all the photo names and links in this and If you could go vote for your favorites (or all of them ;) that would be so awesome. 

I’ll also be reblogging the photos and putting the voting link in the description. Thanks in advanced guys!

Go here:

and then type in these names in the search bar and just press vote :) <3

"Dapper Dan" 

"Snowflakes on Lashes"

"Bays in Black"

"Details of the Saddle"

"Winter Poses"

"Big Dreams"

Message me if you guys have voted and I’m going to put together a big promo and depending on how many people do this will post it at the end of the contest or every couple of days :)

Thank you thank you thank you <3

Anonymous was like: Liam is sooooo skinny. I expected better of you! 



Oh god. Stop freaking sending this ask every five minutes. I bought him two weeks ago and he’s gained a ton of weight since then. He gets free choice hay 24/7 grass turnout with a shelter and like 6 pounds of growth grain a day with supplements to help him catch up from lack of better nutrition earlier on. He’s treated like a king. Trust me when I say he will look like a totally different horse in 90 days.

Jesus, this is so stupid. People also have to take into account that they’re growing really quickly while trying to put on weight so it doesn’t happen as fast as it would with a full grown horse

Why do people suck so much?